Achieving Service Excellence with Remote Assisted Reality


Field Service is pivotal to any manufacturing company. Through prompt, proactive and efficient service operations, companies can amplify the value of their products as well as enable competitive advantage. To accomplish optimal service operations, they need to address the challenges posed by servicing of complex products being maintained and serviced by a scarce pool of qualified technicians with specialized skills stretched thin over a large customer installed base. Remote Assisted Reality™ (RAR) has the potential to address this challenge and transform the way field technicians perform service. It helps in achieving near-zero downtime by bridging skill gap required to support complex products such as turbines, mining machines, large medical equipment’s etc.

Accrete has partnered with Visual Mobility, an enterprise software development company who offers a commercially available RAR solution through their enterprise application platform SEENIX, which is integrated with Salesforce and SAP applications like SAP Hybris for Service, S/4HANA, SAP CRM, SAP ECC etc. Using specialized SEENIX powered IoT smart glasses and drones, field technicians are able to initiate a live stream from their location of service with duly qualified remote experts who could be consulted for remote assistance. The field technician is able to invite a multitude of remote experts to securely watch their live stream, analyze the situation and provide real time guidance to resolve the problem leveraging SEENIX. All interactions can be recorded and automatically included as a part of multi-media service history logs of the equipment.

Our Solutions

Designed specifically for mobile field service, capital equipment installation, repair, preventive maintenance applications, VIBES seamlessly integrate with our RAR Capture Devices and can be accessed from anywhere in the world through duly equipped Internet connected RAR Access Devices. Integrated with backend enterprise applications such as SAP, Salesforce etc. VIBES can facilitate secure real time high definition live streaming and multi-party remote collaboration for quick, efficient and low cost problem resolution.

Imagine empowering your customers with SEENIX capable IoT smart glasses and be able to add an entirely new dimension of capability to remote customer assistance and support. Customers can initiate live streaming right from their location during a customer support call for the Agent to resolve the problem over the phone or dispatch a qualified technician with the right tools and components to resolve the matter quickly to get the customer up and running. Customer support agent can log the call in the CRM system for tracking purposes.

It has always been an operational challenge for capital equipment sales people to make effective presentations to customers by relying on printed brochures, expensive site visits or using pre-recorded videos to convince the buyer. LIVES empower the sales person to show a live stream of the product originated from the factory or showroom to the customer with live interaction with product engineers and service techs to close the sale quickly in real time.

LIOS addresses current industry challenges of operations, control and accurate data recording on Product Quality Inspections, Audits, Production Operations, Inventory Management and Regulatory Compliance. Using RAR technology, LIOS facilitates secure live streaming of the operations from an observer to multiple parties anywhere in the world with the ability to record sessions for real time collaboration and for future retrieval, analysis and decision making.

Benefits/Use Cases

    Key Benefits:

    1. Increased in First call resolution rates
    2. Reduced downtime resulting in higher customer satisfaction
    3. Higher utilization of in-house Intellectual Capital
    4. Improved productivity and quality of service
    5. Reduced Operational costs, risks and liabilities
    6. Extend capabilities of existing IT applications
    7. Reduced technician training

    Key Applications & Use cases:

    1. Field Service Operations
    2. Customer Service and Remote Support
    3. Repair and Maintenance Operations
    4. Manufacturing & Quality Inspections
    5. Capital Equipment Sales and Marketing
    6. Audit and Regulatory Compliance
    7. Insurance and Casualty
    8. Guided Self-Diagnostics and Resolution

End-to-end Process Flow


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