Embarked on the road to digital transformation of field service operations to improve operational efficiency and increase profitability by overcoming challenges developed from legacy or paper-based system. Companies turned to a solution that can digitize field service operations. By transitioning to ServiceMax solution, companies can improve field service in areas of productivity, customer experience, and technician enablement. ServiceMax is the global leader in field service management software and provides end-to-end mobile and cloud-based technology for service operations. Accrete works with ServiceMax to design and build solutions to manage the entire asset lifecycle – to help service-focused companies operate faster, smarter and more efficiently.

How we do it

We utilize a proven leadership and management process for Service Strategy development and sustainable deployment in companies with cultures of high expectations. The process includes:

  • Establish the Mission for Service & Support
  • Establish 3-5 year breakthrough objectives for Service & Support
  • Establish annual objectives, Improvement Priorities and KPI’s
  • Develop and Implement Improvement plans
  • Implement Daily Management, effective Problem Solving and Disciplined Monthly Reviews.

We work with our clients to answer complex business questions such as:

  • What does best-in-class look like for my Sales & Service organizations? How do I get there?
  • Is Service & Support a strategic differentiator for my company?
  • How do we enable our employees and customers through better technologies?
  • How do we improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention while growing profitably?
  • Are we evolving with disruptive changes in our industry?

Success Stories