Service Transformation

Service transformation enabled by smart machines is now a must-have in all organizations in response to the growing need for greater business integration, flexibility, and agility. Organizational change barriers and new Technology have made higher levels of agility difficult. Transitioning to services with digital is underway for organizations, and it is a long journey. Innovative service strategies and next-generation technologies such as the Internet of Thing (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine learning (ML) are keys to increasing service revenues while reducing service costs.

We help service organizations navigate through the digital transformation journey, by leveraging our deep knowledge of service business processes and technology expertise. This journey of transforming service delivery is enabled by smart interconnected devices, with machine learning capabilities that provide deep insight into the product lifecycle. We work with eKryp (, an Intelligent Service AI solution delivered as SaaS provides predictive insights on device, parts, and people by continuously learning from your service, field assets, and customer data. It provides deep insights into future failure trends and device failures to decrease machine downtime and predicts future parts needs to be based on past parts replacement and demand trends.

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